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  • Humble Beginnings

    “You have a very unique sense of fashion Rhonda Gary!!” exclaimed my mom every time I walked out the front door of our house in Laredo, Texas. Looking back, I am completely mystified how my mother let me go anywhere in public with some of my “get ups”. Growing up in the 80’s, I was surrounded by crazy colors and Punky Brewster. At the apex of my 1980’s fashion concoctions, I would sport different pairs of high-top converse interchanging the colors; one day would be left foot yellow and right foot pink. The next day was left foot pink and right foot bright blue, complemented with a crimpled side pony-tail accented by shorts and a mismatched shirt. Thank God some phases don’t last forever and our tastes are ever-evolving. Moving forward through life I always cared about the way I looked, as most women do, but I never really discovered my fashion sense until after I graduated from pharmacy school. Some girlfriends and I had gone out for dinner and one of them asked if I had every considered being a stylist in my spare time. Huh?? Obviously she was mistaken and I promptly dismissed her remarks. Unknowingly a seed was planted that night and I began to exude more confidence in my choices of fashion and dècor. This seed spawned imaginations and day dreams of up-starting my very own boutique. Truth be told, everyone of our dreams start off as a seed. God says in His Word, “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin...” (Zechariah I developed a simple plan and in January of 2015. I was ready to leap, as they say, except mine could be more accurately described as a very calculated stutter step. But nonetheless, it was a first step! I drove to market and excitedly bought my first few pieces. By the way, I was pregnant with our third child in less than four years. This definitely was not the ideal time to be starting anything new! But if you have a good man in your corner, and I happen to have the most amazing man on the planet (he made me put this) you can achieve just about anything. Thank you to my husband / counselor / encourager / all things good for letting me put this dream to the test. I soon filled the front space of my friends furniture shop in Johnson City, Texas. Things began to happen from there. During this time, I started doing a monthly market called “Trade Days” that takes place outside a very popular touristy town named Fredericksburg. From here, my creative juices started flowing and my inventory expanded. Today, I am now located in a quaint vintage shop off of Main Street in Johnson City. My retail space is for local residents and the flurry of tourists passing through the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country; however, I am focused on building my brand through my online clientele at because the reach is limitless. Y’all let me just say that the road has been long, hard, and humbling. I strive to continually remind myself that hard work does pay off. My hope is that High Cotton will not only be a blessing to me and my family but to the community we call home. The dream is to have a brick and mortar and provide job opportunities in the area. I shared with you my dream. What’s your dream? Have you taken the plunge? Fear is in fact a liar and if you fail, who cares! We learn more from our failures than we do our successes. At least you can say that you gave it your best and you will not have that nagging feeling of ‘what if...’ The seed of a dream planted in me is what continues to drive me in this journey. I am confident that I am doing what I have been called to do and I want to inspire other women to do and be the same. Thank you for your love and support! Come, be a part of my dream! Rhonda Owner of High Cotton Goods Photography done by Sara Virdell

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  • CONTACT US | High Cotton

    CONTACT US Please contact us with any questions or concerns! Vintage 205 [ High Cotton floor space ] 205 E Main St. Johnson City, Texas 78636 512-487-0067 ​ ​ ​ ​ Send Success! Message received.

  • ABOUT US | High Cotton

    MEET THE TRIBE A couple of Johnson City mama's supporting owner, Rhonda reach her dreams! RHONDA BREAKIRON (middle) ​ FOUNDER, CEO Rhonda is a graduate of the University of Texas College of Pharmacy and works from home as a pharmacist. She is the proud wife to Jerod and “Mama” to Finley, Monroe, and Gentry. With a great love for fashion and design, she wanted to offer beautiful clothing that is affordable and functional at the same time. Each piece is selected based on what works in her everyday life and she hopes it works in yours as well. As a working mom of three, Rhonda's closet is full of feminine and functional pieces. Her wardrobe has a romantic and bohemian storyline-all reflected in the pieces offered at High Cotton. MEGAN CAMPBELL ​ (on right) ​ GRAPHIC DESIGNER + ART DIRECTOR I am a Graphic Designer / Art Director / Branding Consultant and a mother of two boys, living in Johnson City, Texas. After graduating from Texas State University with a Communication Design degree, my loving husband and I took a leap of faith and moved to Boston, MA. I started my career in a small branding firm in the bustling streets of Harvard Square. From there, my family and I relocated to New Hampshire, Colorado and finally made it back home and planted our roots in the Texas Hill Country. I find inspiration through nature, travel, quality brands and passionate people. I believe in High Cotton, the brand, the family and the future! KATY MCANGUS​ (on left) ​ MARKETING & DESIGN Katy McAngus is living the dream in the Texas Hill Country with her husband, four kids and small herd of cows. She majored in Marketing at Texas A&M University. Marketing is something she has enjoyed spinning her creative wheels on since childhood. She loves connecting her craft with High Cotton and a sisterhood wearing beautiful and functional clothing. All photography by Sara Virdell | Great thanks to our beautiful models: Betheney Blackwell & Michelle O'niel

  • ABOUT | Mysite

    THE HIGH COTTON FAMILY Owner, Rhonda Breakiron and her reason why... ​ Welcome to High Cotton Goods, a women’s clothing and accessories boutique. Your exploration of our site is appreciated more than you can imagine. We have put our hearts and souls into this adventure and are so glad that you have stopped by. Hope you enjoy our selection of goodies and thank you for supporting our small family business. Love, Rhonda

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